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World-class products and curated offerings to focus on your success. Since 2007, we’ve developed an extensive selection with complete ranges of health and wellness products encompassing every consumer segment.


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Build Your Own Product

With our expertise and global industry experience, we will empower and guide you every step along the way. While providing complete end-to-end support to take your business to new levels.

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Select from our premium range

We don’t just provide world-class and globally-certified products. We also welcome OEM partnerships for curated and customized offerings to ensure you're ideally positioned to meet the needs of your customers.

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Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients while employing the latest technological advancements to capture the full essence and efficacy of Nature’s offerings.

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Forest-Harvested Herbal Supplements

Our produce are 100% pure, premium herbs. Not farmed. But directly and responsibly harvested from Malaysia’s rainforests, in cooperation with the local authorities, researchers and indigenous tribes.

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German-Made Functional Skincare

The Dr. Förster functional skincare range addresses just about every problem or need. Our team of experts are constantly adding new products to enhance our skincare series based on real-time feedback from our pharmaceutical and medical partners.

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Complete Range of Organic Baby Care

Our complete range of natural baby care products have been ICEA certified - the organic production industry’s highest standards of certification.

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Fully Organic Household Cleaning Range

Organic yet effective, our Ecos3 household cleaning range is manufactured in compliance with the ISO14001 environmental management standards and designed to keep your loved ones protected from harmful chemicals.

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100% Pure Luxury Spa Products

German-made. European-certified. Eco Wellness Sanctuary presents EWS, a luxurious range of bath salts as well as essential and massage oils formulated to improve physical and mental well-being.

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